In the period from 27/09/  to 18/10/2014, we trained 19 employees to be first-aiders and technical rescuers in accordance with the GWO Standard First Aid and Working at Heights. The training sessions were carried out by the training company RescOff® GmbH  based in Osnabrück and were specially designed for our range of applications in the lower parts of a wind turbine and in the tower. In doing so, special attention was paid to the emergency medical service and technical rescue of an ill or injured colleague including training on appropriate equipment. By way of example, first a preliminary medical assistance was carried out by a first-aider, who then carried out the technical rescue with the help of a Spineboards® and appropriate rescue equipment. All practical exercises took place by realistically taking the special environmental conditions (room, light, etc.) in the appropriate premises into consideration.

All participants were able to successfully complete the course and then received the following certificates, GWO First Aid and GWO Working at Heights.

With the cooperation of RescOff® GmbH, we have been able to fulfil the high standards of the wind industry and simultaneously give our employees a high level of safety.

die hohen Standards der Windindustrie und bieten unseren Mitarbeitern gleichzeitig ein hohes Maß an Sicherheit!