Thermographic inspections

 Isoblock uses the very latest thermal-imaging cameras to inspect your electrical systems in the course of preventive maintenance, with a view to avoiding network outages

Isoblock Schaltanlagen can also carry out inspections of your medium- and low-voltage switchgear equipment at very short notice to check for the thermal overloading of threaded connections, cable terminals, busbar systems, fuses, transfer conduits, insulators, electrical drive systems, electronic components and much more besides.

Thermographic examination, in the course of regular maintenance inspections, of a building’s electrical installation and systems helps to ensure reliable operating safety.Threaded connections and terminals in particular can be checked quickly, simply and free of error.This allows weak-points to be accurately located, before a fault or unplanned outage arises, and dealt with straightforwardly.

IR Infrarot thermografie_720-Isoblock Schaltanlagen

Thermographic inspections

The excessive right-hand fuse-temperature reading (of above 120°C) reflects the need for thermographic inspection.Although the fuse functions unobtrusively under normal circumstances, it can pose a serious risk.

Some industrial insurance policies nowadays specify annual thermographic inspections, or even offer a discount on the premium in return for regular inspections of the corresponding items of switchgear equipment.

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