Isoblock develops, builds and programs, and draws up documentation for, general and process-control systems destined for use in industrial and commercial refrigeration systems.

Control and switchgear cabinets equipped with SPC devices for the regulation and management of refrigeration and deep-freeze systems.


Our services in the field of MSR technology

  • Layout planning and CAD-based project design of the complete refrigeration control system, carried out with ePLAN P8
  • Production of switchgear cabinets, along with the provision of hardware from leading suppliers such as Rittal, EATON, Siemens, ABB, GE, Phönix and Danfoss.
  • Engineering and programming of refrigeration-system control software with Simatic S7
  • System display and operating software for all states of operation and processing procedures, with Simatic HMI
  • Configuration of remote maintenance and access via the Internet, Intranet or LAN
  • Long-term archiving of all process-related data in accordance with HACCP requirements

Views of refrigeration systems

View of a refrigeration system

Overview of the machine room in a refrigeration system display