Isoblock Steuerverteiler Entwässerungspumpe Schaltanlagen

Low-voltage technology

eltako Installationsverteiler Isoblock Schaltanlagen RCD Fi-Schalter 45 mm Kappenmaß 250 mm Feldbreite Schutzklasse II Schutzart IP54

Distribution boards

When it comes to power and distribution boards, we offer fully-tailored solutions for the supply, distribution and metering of electrical energy within buildings.

Simply-configured housing systems reduce the costs of local installation in places such as office buildings, hotels, clinics and commercial and industrial premises.

Switchgear cabinet of a pump system

This configuration uses a Siemens SPC

Schalter Steuer Schaltschrank Schaltanlage Isoblock Moeller Eaton 22,5mm Pumpenkeller Betrieb

Steuerschaltschrank für die Kälteindustrie

Automation of an cooling device