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Transformer maintenance

Maintenance of your power station

Electrical substations need to be in full working order at all times to guarantee maximum operating reliability and energy availability.Preventable malfunctions or outages inevitably lead to a total shutdown of operations and loss of IT-system data.They have also been shown to generate considerable secondary costs.

The images give a clear view of the transformer connections, both before and after maintenance.Maintenance naturally includes the cleaning and inspection of all components, including switches, connection terminals, network-protection devices, transformers, etc.

Soiling, accumulations of dust, excessive air humidity, solidification of grease on contacts and of other lubricants all affect the proper functioning of safety-critical components.

The required insulating performance is significantly reduced,which is likely to result in high-energy arcing, along with earthing (grounding) and short-circuits.

Complicated, expensive repairs, long production outages and their resulting costs

can all be avoided with regular maintenance by qualified technicians.

Maintenance intervals should be adapted to individual circumstances.Special attention is paid to the general state and degree of soiling of the system.An electrical substation should normally be serviced annually; and in any case at intervals of no more than four years (BGV A3).