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Testing and measuring / metering devices


The RMo 600 micro-ohmmeter is designed for measuring the contact resistance of non-inductive test items used in the high-voltage sector and elsewhere in industry.It is designed for measuring resistance during the manufacture, initial startup and testing of:

• Power switches

• Contact breakers

• Rail installations

• Cable splices

• Welded connections

• Earth (ground) connections

RMO600 Microohmmeter der Firma Isoblock Schaltanlagen

OMICRON Test Universe

OMICRON Test Universe hardware and software, which have been developed to fulfil all test requirements, set new standards when it comes to verifying the protection relays, energy meters and measurement-reading converters used in electrical energy systems.

Our CM line test devices for secondary supply purposes have long been in operation on the premises of discerning public utilities, industrial organisations and railway companies, along with manufacturers of protection relays, energy meters and measurement-reading converters.

Messgerät Omicron-CMC-256plus-Isoblock-Schaltanlagen

Megger MIT520 insulation-testing device 5kV

• Mains- or battery-operated

• Digital/analogue backlit display

• Variable test-voltage (50V to 5,000V)

• Measures up to 15 TΩ (5 kV)

• Downloading of results via RS232 and USB

• Automatic insulating resistance, ramp testing, PI, DAR and DD testing

The new 5 kV insulation-testing device supplied by Megger has been specially designed to assist you in the inspection and maintenance of high-voltage electrical systems.

The device housing is highly robust and designed for maximum portability.Made of high-strength polypropylene, it conforms to protection rating IP65 with respect to dust- and water-resistance.The model number is also clearly shown on the top and side of the housing, for clear identification on the premises or when carried in a vehicle.

MIT520-mEGGER iSOBLOCK sCHALTANLAGEN Messgerät zur Prüfung von Isolationen

Megger three-phase TTR

Three-phase testing device for transformer-winding ratios

• Fully automatic operation

• Measures all three phases simultaneously

• Maximum ratio-reading (45.000:1); maximum precision (0.1%)

• Built-in memory and data-download capabilities

• Measures ALL power transformers, PTs and CTs

• Indicates degree of error as a percentage with respect to nameplate data and pass/fail limits

• The user can select from “quick test” or “full test” options

• CE certified

Megger TTR Transformatorentester Isoblock Schaltanlagen

Seba KMT high-voltage testing device T 99/1

The T 99/1 high-voltage tester is a portable, high-performance device, designed to generate a DC voltage of up to 40 kV.

The 40 kV T 99/1 test device is used for:

  • Testing the electrical strength of cables and cable fittings, and other devices and installations operating at up to 40 kV
  • Fault location of high-resistance and intermittent cable malfunctions, using the oscillation method in conjunction with a pulse-type echo meter on medium- and low-voltage networks
  • Conversion of high-resistance and intermittent cable faults to a low-resistance range (burning)

The safe encasing of all the device’s live high-voltage components, along with the automatic de-energising of the test item after switching off or shutdown of the operating voltage, guarantees maximum protection for the user.The short-circuit-protected configuration and comparatively-high output voltage of the T 99/1 40 kV test device also make it suitable for detecting cable faults.